Module: Design Studies
Project Title: Rebranding
Project Duration: IVE (HigheríVDiploma, 05íV08)
Introduction: 'Trigle' is the new brand of 'Hutchison Global Communications'. 'Trigle' includes 3 kinds of servicesíVVoice services, Broadband and IDD. The green and curve logotype given a digital but friendly feeling. The counteríVform of 'g' connects other letters together to represent the relationship between people. The brand name 'Trigle' and 3 dots are inspired by the 3 kinds of services. They direct to the centre, that means the services are inseparable. Red dot creates an eye at the centre to show 'Trigle' concerns every customers. The signature can also be used with the slogan, 'Keep an eye on you.'.
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